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On 31 March 2003 J. Dale Robertson attempted to intervene on behalf of Ranch Rescue volunteers Casey Nethercott and Hank Conner who had been illegally detained in the Jim Hogg County Jail. Click here to read the complete story here.

ha·be·as corpus (hb-s)
  1. One of a variety of writs that may be issued to bring a party before a court or judge, having as its function the release of the party from unlawful restraint.
  2. The right of a citizen to obtain such a writ.

[Middle English, from Medieval Latin habes corpus, produce the body (from the opening words of the writ)  : Latin habes, second person sing. present subjunctive of habre, to have + Latin corpus, body.]

Source: The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition
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